Hvar & Pakleni Islands


The town of Hvar represents a pearl of Croatian tourism. Settled at the western part of the sunniest island in the Adriatic Hvar attracts tourists for decades. With its record of 3053 sunny hours per year.

Hvar is a great example of Mediterranean environment and landscape. The group of islets called Pakleni otoci in front of the town create a crown at the beauty of Hvar and protects the little port. Filled with yachts the port in summer months is an attraction itself in front of the 400 years old first public theatre in Europe.

Hvar for years became the symbol of Croatian tourism and the place frequently visited by celebrities like Tom Cruise, Gerard Depardieu, Bernie Ecclestone or Roman Abramovich. Its nightlife also attracts youngest population during summer months.

Pakleni Islands

Like a necklace of brilliants Pakleni otoci (Pakleni Islands) have spread in front of the port of Hvar. Over six miles long group of islets represents one of biggest attractions of Croatian tourism. Spending a day there, you will feel adventurous at distance of only several hundred metres from island of Hvar. In the archipelago you will always find a hidden place for yourself. There you will feel safe, but will feel like being far away from civilisation. Mild nature will help you to relax and rest.

The biggest islet called Sveti Klement offers facilities of a modern marina and there is no doubt you will adore the restaurant offer there. Numerous Hollywood stars and celebrities have already tested it for you.

Keeping strictly to Croatian language, Pakleni otoci would suggest the meaning like Hellish Islands. However, this place if far away from hell. This is rather heaven. The name comes from paklina, the kind of a tar used in shipbuilding in the past.

Once you visit the Pakleni islands, it would be a pity not to try wines made out of grapes from this very place. Those that love fish specialties will definitely agree, but also party goers that have also recognized this place for years.

You can visit  Pakleni islands while on our sea kayaking tour with daily departure from Split city or Hvar Town.

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